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The Local Veterinary Industry Has Changed Forever Its Now All About Competing Against the Biggest ‘Chains’ Price Slashing Discount Wars and Pet Insurance Plans…

They Intend To Put You Out Of Business … As Soon As Possible …

But what if I told you that in Just 30 Days from Now YOUR Vet Clinic Will Have a Steady Influx of New Clients… Would You Believe Me?

Before You Say NO… I want you to read everything that I am about to say to you because this could be the most exciting website you will ever visit.

It Is Possible… (I know because we do it everyday!)

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re frustrated with the lack of new clients?

You are exhausted working long hours and then spending any free time you have trying to develop a marketing plan that actually works?

You worry every night about how your vet clinic is going to survive when you are competing against big chain vet clinics and their slashed prices?

Now I want you to take your mind off of all of that negative energy.

This is something I deal with everyday while working with my Veterinary clients…and we are CRUSHING the local Veterinary market competing against the biggest ‘chains’ and the big box stores price slashing wars, discount pet insurance plans and parking lot vaccination clinics…

Services offered

Website Design

The message we put on the website
determines if we get the call or email

Facebook Ads

Experience A Flood of New
Customers Using Facebook Ads


High Intensity Vet Clinic Domination
System Using Google Adwords


How To Convert Them to
Clients and Keep Them Happy

How? – It’s not hard because of 1 fact…


I know you hear it regularly –

“They triple charged me”

“The insurance doesn’t cover anything”

“I haven’t seen the same vet twice”

“The staff couldn’t care less”

And on and on and on…

Just in case you are wondering how we position and market the local Vets that are our clients?  It’s quite simple really…


Now it’s a matter of perfecting the 3 steps to success…

The Message – this is what your website visitors read when they land on your website.

Getting More Clients – traffic and website visitors.

Conversion – getting customers to stay, come back more often and refer you enthusiastically.

Click the links above to read about the 3 steps to building an unstoppable Vet Clinic.

My name is Martin Bell and I’m the CEO of www.marketingvetclinics.com

We run marketing campaigns specifically for local Veterinarians…and my 3-step plan – Message, Clients, Conversion is going to blow you out of the water!!